Pfu expression for$??

Ke-Xue Huang khuang at BIOC.RICE.EDU
Sat Nov 15 20:59:10 EST 1997

Hi, Chunlin,

I am glad to get your Pfu clone. I remember someone expressed Taq 
polymerase in E. coli, they said they would like to send Taq to us at 
first, maybe  because of illegal to send free Taq clone to everyone, so they 
sale their kit (including plasmid, E.coli and purification protcol) for $485 
(I don't think this is legal).

Anyway, if you really want to do other scientists a favor, just charge 
the shipping and handing fee ($ 50-100).


On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, cll wrote:

> Hi, all. 
> We decide to send our PFU clones to those who will pay our shipping and
> handing.  We do not sale Pfu DNA polymerase itself, but we will give you
> the protocol to purified it. How much it cost? We have not decided, but it
> is sure that it is less than that you buy a tube of Pfu.  We also need
> someone help us determining what we plan to do is legal or not. Also, we
> want to know how many people want ot get it. If only few, we will not
> charge anything for this clone. It is better to reply soom. 
> No phone call. Please response by email.
> Chunlin Lu
> Duke University Medical center
> Ref. Protein expression and purification 11,179-184, 1997

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