Platinum Taq polymerase!

Richard J. Dudley rdudley at
Mon Nov 17 13:28:48 EST 1997

Csaba Kiss wrote:
> Hello!
> I heard about this new Taq polymerase from Gibco/LifeTech. They fished out
> the monoclonal antibody against the Taq polymerase and sell the Taq
> polymerase deactivated by the Ab. They claim that it is better than the
> Amplitaq Gold from Perkin Elmer.
> Does anybody have any experience with the enzyme?
> Csaba Kiss
> csakis at
> MTC Karolinska Institute
> Stockholm, Sweden

I was told that Platinum uses 5 monoclonal antibodies (rather than 1, as
I understand Amplitaq Gold has) directed against the active site of Taq.

I can't compare Platinum to AmpliTaq gold (since I've never used Gold),
but I did compare Platinum to  PE's AmpliTaq.  For the Platinum, I made
the complete reaction mixtures and started the PCR.  For the amplitaq, I
did a manual hot start.  Yield wise, they were very comparable, and
amplified 250 bp-1.5 kb the same.  I haven't sequenced the Platinum
products yet, so I can't comment on fidelity, but I understand it's
regular Taq.  They T/A cloned comparably.  PE Taq was always my enzyme
of choice, but I'm taking to not having to do manual hot starts.

Hope this helps!

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