Single strand affinity matrix

Paul R. Rohde P.Rohde at
Mon Nov 17 18:19:30 EST 1997

gslavisa at MARLIN.UTMB.EDU (Slavisa Gasic) writes: > Hi Netters
> I have recently found an interesting reference for simple plasmid prep
> that yields transfection quality DNA in a single step.  The reference
> use a gel-filtration media and a single strand affinity matrix (SSAM) to
> remove RNA and bacterial DNA.  This SSAM was produced by Clontech, but
> they do not carry it anymore and their technical help specialist did not
> know what was it.  Does anybody have an idea what that stuff was?  Did
> anybody use it?  What could be used as an alternative, short of
> single-strand binding proteins?  My guess is that SSAM is probably some
> kind of resin that binds strongly single-strand nucleic acids.
> Regards
> Slavisa Gasic, PhD.
***  This ref may be of help:

Nucleic Acids Research:  1996 vol 24 No 13 p2618-2619

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