GST antibodies, but raised against mammalian

Phillip E. Schwartz schwartz at
Tue Nov 18 20:02:52 EST 1997

Anxo Vidal Figueroa wrote:
> > I have sent a message requesting commercial sources of anti-GST
> > antibodies. I have received several answers. Thanks for them. I
> > know the antibodies you say, but they are directed anti GST from Schistosoma
> > japonicum, that is the protein you can express with the pGEX vectors
> > (Pharmacia). Perhaps I did not explain well my question but I am interested
> > in detect endogenous mammalian GST protein, in fact I am interested in P1
> > PROTEIN, and I am affraid that there are not commmercial antibodies for
> > this.
> >
> >  Thanks again
> >
> > Anxo Vidal, PhD
> > Dept. Physiology
> > School of Medicine
> > University of Santiago de Compostela
> >

I have looked into making anti-GST antibodies and perhaps
commercializing them. Patents are in place for much of the GST
technology thus commercial antibody companies such as mine would be
required to have a license to legally manufacture and sell antibodies to
GST protein. The license fee is prohibitively expensive except for much
larger companies such as the likes of Stratagene, Promega Biotech, etc.
Perhaps one of them is now marketing what you are seeking.

Best regards,

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