DNA staining

Juck, David David.Juck at nrc.ca
Tue Nov 18 11:27:16 EST 1997


I'm looking into purchasing DNA stain(s) for the lab (we already use 
ethidium bromide), and would like some advice or suggestions as to what
well. I would like to be able to differentiate between dsDNA and ssDNA
on a 
membrane, as well as increase the sensitivity of detection beyond that
ethidium bromide. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (I have 
already looked at the Molecular Probes catalogue and am looking more for

personal experiences with the stains, e.g. benefits/drawbacks with the 
different ones).

Thanks in advance,
Dave Juck
Biotechnology Research Institute
National Research Council of Canada
david.juck at nrc.ca

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