Reamplifying band from DD gel

qguo qguo at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Nov 19 22:53:27 EST 1997

Hi there:

We have had similar problems with inconsistent results.  Recently, we
found a new company on the net that sells a kit for DNA and RNA
extraction from acrylamide gels.  Omega Biotek's kit uses TE (I think)
or some other such buffer to elute the DNA which is then purified with a
spin column.  We have been able to reamplify 47 bp fragments with this
kit.  The kicker is that Omega gives away free samples for most of their
kits, so it's worth a shot.  The toll-free is 888-296-6342 and the url

Oh, no affiliation with Omega or any other company, as if that were a

Good luck


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