mRNA isolation?

Z.Huang huang.zhong at
Wed Nov 19 19:58:03 EST 1997

Alan Lee wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> We are trying to isolate mRNA from total RNA (from mouse tissues).
> Though there are various types of mRNA purification kit available
> commercially, we have no idea about their efficiency in isolating
> high-molecular weight mRNA (we are interested in RNA of transcript size
> ~11 kb). Anyone who have experience on this aspect please kindly drop me
> an e-mail. Thank you in advance.
> Alan Lee
> e-mail: ywlee at
> P.S. Any comments on PolyAtract from Promega or mRNA isolation kit from
> BM

For me the mRNA midi extraction kit from qiagen doesn't work very well.

Huang Z
Gut Hormone Lab

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