Opinions about the RapidCycler?

Israel Hanukoglu hanuko at inter.net.il
Thu Nov 20 06:09:29 EST 1997

Dear csakis,
We use the Idaho PCR machine in the lab and are very happy with it. My postdoc
Dr. Anjana Saxena <saxena at research.yosh.ac.il> has a lot of experience with
it. Send your questions to her.
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Csaba Kiss wrote in message <3470593c.87052600 at news.ki.se>...
>We plan to buy the RapidCycler from Idaho Technology. I heard many
>good things about the lightning speed of the machine. I would rather
>like to know the drawbacks of the machine. What do You not like about
>the machine?
>For example: this machine heats the samples by a light bullb. What if
>I want to use fluorescent primers in my reactions? Will they be burned
>How about the programming? etc.
>Thank You!
>Best wishes:
>Csaba Kiss
>csakis at ki.se

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