DNA contamination in PCR

Roland Hübner rhubner at gins.uia.ac.be
Thu Nov 20 06:53:48 EST 1997

In article <3471AB43.2C029033 at rockefeller.univ-lyon1.fr>,
jcroux at rockefeller.univ-lyon1.fr wrote:

>  I try to extract RNA from brain but I have a big contmination(DNA).
>  Its special with brain because i have good results with other
>  tissues(muscle,liver...)

 that's known for some methods...

>  My problem is at the first remove of aqueous phase, the pellet is not
>  hard, compact. 

 I understand you're doing a phenol extraction; you can increase the
volume of the organic phase added... you can just spin harder or longer...
or do one or more rounds of extraction...

 On the other hand, if possible, just redesign primers so that
contamination doesn't hamper interpretation... 

 Several ways to skin the cat here...

 Best wishes,

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