Questions about RNA gel

Wilson netson at
Thu Nov 20 04:42:06 EST 1997

Dear all,
	I have extracted total RNA from plants.  Then I would like to
analyze the RNA by northern bloting.  The quality of the RNA is OK and I
have seen two distinct bands which indicate two types of ribosomal RNAs in
1.0% agarose gel.  Then I ran the RNA in the denaturing gel.
I use 20mM guanidine thiocynate in 1.0% agarose gel (rather than
formaldehyde since it is very toxic) to denature the RNA. Now I see the
two rRNA bands which migrated faster in the denaturing gel than
non-denaturing gel.  Was the RNA denatured successfully in 1.0% agarose
gel which contained 20mM guanidine thiocyante ?
	How many RNA should I use in the Northern blotting?

Thanks a lot


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