rehybridization nylon membranes

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> What is the best method to wash a nylon membrane in order to make a other
> Southern Blot on it, and how often can you reuse a membrane (with
> radiolabelled probes)

In my case, I have a protocol that I never test myself, but some people
used it and were satisfied:
soak your membrane NaOH 0.4N for 40-45 min at 46°C,
then treat it 2 times in (Tris-HCl 0.5M pH7,NaCl 3M),
and to make an end for this protocol rince your membrane with 2SSC for 10 min.
I hope, this procedure work in your hands. I think you can reuse tour
membrane 2 or 3 times.

Christophe JACOB
Lab. Forest Biol.
UHP,Nancy I
54506 Vandoeuvre

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