Minimum time for temporal transcript detection.

D.L.Clarke dlc22 at
Mon Nov 24 13:24:12 EST 1997

Dear all,

We have fungal spores that have an absolute requirement for attatchment to
a hydrophobic surface before germination can proceed.  The time frame from
attachment to germination is 40min. We propose that a signalling casacade
must be involved and we would like to molecularly disect that pathway
using DDRTPCR or a subtractive library.  Therefore, does anybody know what
is the minimum response time that a gene (pro or eukaryotic) can be
detected by common procedures such as RT-PCR, Northern and dot blots. 
Assuming synchrynous ar near synchronous growth we would like to get down
to 10min post attatchment.  I would be most interested in comments from
anybody who has looked at temporal expression in mammalian genes.

Many thanks

Dave Clarke

dlc22 at

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