LDL particles

deborah.hailstones at smtpgwy.agric.nsw.gov.au deborah.hailstones at smtpgwy.agric.nsw.gov.au
Fri Nov 28 00:27:55 EST 1997

     H. Sibul wrote...
     I am looking for purified low-density lipoprotein(LDL) particles 
     suitable for labelling with fluorescence (or labelled already) to be 
     used for functional analysis of the LDL receptor (internalization 
     Any information as to the source, be it commercial or not welcome.
     I worked with LDL for a while during my post-doc, we always prepared 
     our own LDL particles from fresh human blood (fasted donors) using 
     ultracentifugation of KBr gradients ... if you were to use a 
     commercial source, there is a high probability that the LDL will be 
     damaged by oxidation, leading it to bind to (and be internalised by) 
     receptors other than the LDLR (eg the OxLDL receptor, the scavenger 
     receptor(s) etc....)... not sure how fluorescently labelling the LDL 
     will affect it, either, for the same reasons.
     i cant locate a ref for the protocol to prepare it at present but if 
     no one else offers you any info i will chase it up...

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