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Thu Nov 27 10:48:10 EST 1997

On 20 Nov 1997 23:44:29 -0800,
Marcus.Taeuber at (Marcus Taeuber) wrote:

>Dear colleagues,
>I would like to immunoprecipitate an extract with a monoclonal antibody
>and subsequently examine the antigen by ELISA or dot blot (not western
>blotting) with another polyclonal serum. 
>For that purpose, I need to get rid of the proteinA-agarose under
>NON-DENATURING conditions.
>Please send any comments via e-mail to me!
>Thank you,
What about performing a simple sandwich Elisa?
Just take the monoclonal antibody, coat it to the plate, apply the
cell lysate (=immunoprecipitation) and proceed with the polyclonal
serum and detection.
Good luck

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