looking for LA-N-2 cell line

최웅 khlee at MED.CHUNGBUK.AC.KR
Sun Nov 30 01:48:15 EST 1997

Dear Netters:

<P>I am looing for a cholinergic cell line: LA-N-2.
<BR>I have searched ATCC catalogue, only to fail to find it.
<BR>Please help me to find any researcher or any organization that could
provide LA-N-2 cell line to me. Of course, I would pay for the delivery.

<P>Thank you in advance.

<P>Woong Choi, M.D.
<BR>wchoi at med.chungbuk.ac.kr
<BR>fax: +82-431-272-1603
<BR>phone: +82-431-61-2878</HTML>

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