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Hello Ashish,

Frankly  I would suggest going with a  cRNA probe, following
hybridization, you can use RNAse to go a long way to lowering  the
background. If you want info on protocols with cRNA  probes let me know. 


Chandi Griffin 

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> I am trying in-situ hybridization using oligonucleotide probes labeled
> with S35. I have tried a couple times, but I either get too high
> background, or no signal at all. I am using 2-mercaptoethanol, and sodium
> thioshulfate in washes, and DTT in the hybridization buffer. I have
> referred to a number of publications for methods, and seem to be doing the
> right thing. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas where I might get a
> better protocol?
> thanks
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