Trying to clone DIMERS

Klaus Decken decken at
Wed Oct 1 07:18:52 EST 1997

Marcos De La Pena Del Rivero wrote:

>  -When the monomers (eluted from a gel) are ligated, I always obtain a
> nice ladder (monomers, dimers, trimers... even hexamers), but the
> eluted dimers cannot be cloned in any vector :(
>  -If I elute monomers from a ladder  and I try to "re-ligate" them
> again,
> no dimers, trimers, etc... appear anymore :??
>  -I've tried different ligation kits, but nothing changes :$$
>  Any idea about this puzzle? Any similar experience?

Sounds like your ligase reaction dephosphorylates the fragments.



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