pcr on plant genomic

Aaron Liston listona at bcc.orst.edu
Thu Oct 2 13:26:00 EST 1997

I have encountered a PCR problem that is new to me:  A student is having
difficulty with amplification of a plastid DNA locus in the plant
Cimicifuga (Ranunculaceae).  I suggested she add a recalcitrant DNA
sample [that had never worked before]  to her positive control to test
if the Cimicifuga DNA extraction had a PCR inhibitor.  To our surprise,
both the control AND the Cimicifuga locus amplified!   We don't want to
add the control DNA to each sample - any thoughts on how to replicate
its effect?
All ideas appreciated.
Aaron Liston
Oregon State University

Martin Goodson wrote:

> hello all,
> I've heard that PCR on plant genomic DNA has specific diffulties not
> encountered with the DNA of other organisms.

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