cloning by www?

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at
Thu Oct 2 12:28:00 EST 1997

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> Hi,
> Nowadays there should be companies having the whole human genome in 
> pieces of cDNA. Can I run a mouse cDNA against a database of any of 
> them to  get the corresponding human sequence? Or do they even clone it 
> to me?
> Could you name any company and give a possible web-site?

Human genome is not yet entirely sequenced so you can not do such thing.
You can do it with yeast though - pick up a gene or a sequence through
text/blast search and through yeast genomic database you can get a phage or
cosmid clone, that contains the fragment you are interested in. I'm not
sure if genomic clones for sequenced prokaryotes are available
You still can clone it from the genomic/cDNA library (by hybridization) and
Clontech is one of the most comprehensive collection of various
cDNA/genomic libraries. I won't be surprised if one can outsource this
kinda work, since it's tedious but rather trivial job.

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