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> My name is Diane and I am a 4th year university student in Biology. I am
> part of a "Biotechnology student study group" which is working together
> to answer a set of questions given to us by our professor.  Our
> professor has STRONGLY suggested that we seek answers to 11 specific
> questions from various sources (eg. class notes, texts, the primary
> literature, friends, colleagues, professors, internet and company
> catalogues).  


I find it very difficult to believe that a professor would advocate the
use of professors, scientific colleagues, and the internet community for
providing ANSWERS to these questions (please note the capitals).

I could, however, believe that said professor would instruct students to
derive information from class notes, texts, information resources like
catalogues/web and THEN formulate a suitable answer for each question
which they THEN, if they so choose, run these answers by individuals who
might have more practical/theoretical experience with the topics in

Getting the answers without doing the mental legwork diminishes the
learning experience and is, unfortunately, becoming a bit too common

Karl the hepB guy

Karl Fischer
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