Biotech student study group needs assistance

Fri Oct 3 11:07:59 EST 1997

Actually this not very uncommon.  Term papers and open book exams
have always been in vogue.  On completion of these papers or exams
there is always an oral exam where in the professor can check the
amount of knowledge assimilated by the student in the process,
irrespective of the source.

In this case I am really impressed that the student chose the internet to
seek his answers. After all is'nt one of the purposes of the internet is to
spread the information around .


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> My name is Diane and I am a 4th year university student in Biology. I am
> part of a "Biotechnology student study group" which is working
> to answer a set of questions given to us by our professor. Our
> professor has STRONGLY suggested that we seek answers to 11
> questions from various sources (eg. class notes, texts, the primary
> literature, friends, colleagues, professors, internet and company
> catalogues). 


I find it very difficult to believe that a professor would advocate the
use of professors, scientific colleagues, and the internet community for
providing ANSWERS to these questions (please note the capitals).

I could, however, believe that said professor would instruct students to
derive information from class notes, texts, information resources like
catalogues/web and THEN formulate a suitable answer for each
which they THEN, if they so choose, run these answers by individuals
might have more practical/theoretical experience with the topics in

Getting the answers without doing the mental legwork diminishes the
learning experience and is, unfortunately, becoming a bit too common

Karl the hepB guy

Karl Fischer
tyr-2 at

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