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> Actually this not very uncommon.  Term papers and open book exams
> have always been in vogue.  On completion of these papers or exams
> there is always an oral exam where in the professor can check the
> amount of knowledge assimilated by the student in the process,
> irrespective of the source.
> In this case I am really impressed that the student chose the internet to
> seek his answers. After all is'nt one of the purposes of the internet is to
> spread the information around .
> krishnan


Using a human resource (eg. colleagues, individuals on the internet) to
provide an *answer* is far different than formulating an answer *first*
and then presenting it to someone to critique. 

The former procedure does not require that the student learn much of
anything; they simple collate the answers given to them and submit it as
there own homework. The later requires that the student compiles the
information from resources (class notes, textbooks, journals, catalogues,
web sites), formulate an answer and then, if they chose to, bounce their
answers by individuals with experience in the topic to provide

While the internet is a great way of dispersing information; however, it
should not be a human resource which does someone's homework for them.

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