High Speed Thermocyclers

Paul Rohde P.Rohde at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Sat Oct 4 05:20:12 EST 1997

ari at MPKA.COM (Ari Kahn) writes: > Can anyone recommend a decent high speed thermocycler for around $5000.

I'd like to comment on the Idaho Rapid Halogen Lamp Thermocycler

I've never used them for their quick cappillary PCR, which I've heard 
they are good (but I'm not going to fiddle with glass tubes and BSA,
different conditions) but for thin walled
200 ul tubes, they weren't that good.

There is grose differences for identical samples depending how many
tubes you have and where you sit them.  To decrease this I program
in a (longer) conventional program.  Because of its fast ramp time,
this still cuts off about an hour (from 3-4 hours), but I don't have full
confidence in uniformity.  Plus you can't handle tubes for qPCR,
hot start, or for enzyme additions if using the PCR machine as a
heating block.

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