Biotech student study group needs assistance

Greg Nattrass gnattras at
Mon Oct 6 17:48:50 EST 1997

I'm a Biotechnology graduate from Australia, currently completing my
PhD. I would agree with most of the material presented in this
discussion. We as researchers don't have time to answer all these
questions for you. I do have time to help you with specific problems or
to help you develop the kind of lateral thinking that you will need to
make it in this business.

Further to this discussion I would like to say that this type of
assignment is much better than assessing students via exams. Exams are
important but they are nothing more than a test of who has the best
photographic memory. I hope that this type of assesment is used more
often, I'm sure it will develop better scientific brains than what
cramming for an exam does.

Greg Nattrass

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