Biotech student study group needs assistance

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Sun Oct 5 14:31:27 EST 1997

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> My name is Diane and I am a 4th year university student in Biology. I am
> part of a "Biotechnology student study group" which is working together
> to answer a set of questions given to us by our professor.  Our
> professor has STRONGLY suggested that we seek answers to 11 specific
> questions from various sources (eg. class notes, texts, the primary
> literature, friends, colleagues, professors, internet and company
> catalogues). It was suggested to me, by Mary McCarty (Associate Scientific
> Editor, BioTechniques), that the methods-reagents BioSci group would be
> the best newsgroups to address these questions. The 10 questions follow,  


I am a graduate student in Molecular Biology at University of Pittsburgh
and as one student to another I would like to give you some good advice.  

The questions that you posted where too specific.  Peaple in this
newsgroup will be very unlikely to help you because it appears that you
want them to do your work.  You can answer 95 percent of your questions by
looking up the answers in a Molecular biology book.  Two good ones are
Darnelland Lodish and the other is Alberts.  After you have done this and
then have questions then ask them to this newsgroup and you will get some
good answers.

Just out of curiousity, If you are a fourth year student in Biology why
have you not had this material yet?  In the American university system
this would have been covered in the second or third year.

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