Ni-NTA HisSorb Strips

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Sun Oct 5 09:17:17 EST 1997


we are planning to use  Qiagen Ni-NTA HisSorb Strips  to look for
protein-protein interaction. Unfortunately, there are hardly any
protocols provided with the strips, none of them for protein-protein
Contacting Qiagen didn´t help either, although they mention
protein-protein interaction in their catalog,
it was "an observation in the lab" (quote) rather than a planned
feature. Therefore, they don´t
have any helpful information or protocols for us.

The initial idea was to use the strips to bind our his-tagged protein to
the wells, add the second interacting
protein, wash, add antibody, wash, add secondary antibody, wash, detect
(kind of like Elisa).

I was wondering if anyone out there has ever used these plates, has done
something similar or knows any
reference to this problem, using HisSorb Strips or Elisa plates to look
for  protein-protein interaction.

any comments or ideas are welcome,


stephan at
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