Pub Quality Seq Comparison?

Peter pxpst2 at
Mon Oct 6 18:47:32 EST 1997

In article <3438DAB9.5072 at>, Karen Peck-Miller
<kpeck-miller at> wrote:

> Could anyone suggest DNA analysis software that could do this?  Thanks 
> in advance.
> Karen A. Peck-Miller, Ph.D.
> National Marine Fisheries Service
> Seattle, WA

GCG does all that and much much more but the program costs big bucks.  If
you contact allocations, you might be able to get a one year
account on there front end computers that have GCG.  Most DNA analysis
software packages cost alot of money and have to be continually updated. 
This is why GCG is so nice somebody else maintains the Database and buying
time on another computer will save you money.   Since you are a government
researcher they might give you some free time.


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