RNA isolation from whole blood

Darius Hanna dariush at INAME.COM
Mon Oct 6 17:28:38 EST 1997


I agree that you probably ought to lyse the erythrocytes first.  As for
RNA degradation and yield you will be better off using a spin column
protocol.  Most commercial suppliers of these kits use a highly
denaturing lysis buffer that contains GITC and mercaptoethanol.  Also,
with spin columns, hands-on time is drastically reduced and you donot
need to precipitate with isopropanol, so there is little chance of
sample loss or RNase contamination.  Two vendors come to mind: Qiagen
and Omega Biotek (which we have just started using).  Both kits work
well, except that Omega Biotek is a lot cheaper and they also gave us a
free sample to try before ordering.  I would give them a buzz. Their
toll-free is 888-663-4288 and their email is info at omegabiotek.com, I

Best of luck.

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