BAC-to-BAC questions?

Yi Zhang (BIO) yzhang1 at
Mon Oct 6 13:50:54 EST 1997

Hi Netters:

I recently purchased the Bac-to-Bac system for making recombinant
bac-Virus. However, I have to adapt the SF9 cells to serum-free medium
before the transfection with the supplied cellFectin. I have some hard
time to adapt Sf9 cells to the serum free medium (Grace's medium). It
takes too long to get the cells to serum free medium (stepwisely).
finally, the cells got to the serum free medium after so many passes. They
seemed to stop proliferating. I really need help on this since it is the
first time doing so. the question I have is: Has anyone tried to do the
transfection without serum adaptation of the cells? (with the system from
BRL). Or how long does it take to adapt the sf9 cells usually? Any other
suggestions or observations will certainly help as well. thanks all.



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