Biotech student study group needs assistance

Peter pxpst2 at
Mon Oct 6 09:26:34 EST 1997

In article <3437F12D.ED448A60 at>, Rick Bright <rbright at> wrote:

> I am truly astounded by the ignorance I have seen in under this title.
> The internet is an amazing educational resource for professionals,
> students, and arm-chair scientists alike.  It is not unusual nor
> unethical for a person to seek advice or assistance with many
> science-related questions or problems.  The only people I can see
> opposed to students seeking assistance online are those who are very
> outdated and who were unable to do so "in their day."  It is truly a
> regression to chastise someone for utilizing this resource.
> The process of obtaining information from the internet or newsgroup is
> an educational experience in itself and should be encouraged.  I hope
> that all members of this electronic society will feel free to teach
> others and learn from others.  I also hope that those opposed to using
> this same society for these purposes will wake up and join in this
> wonderful world of shared resources.

Rick I am astounded by this reply.  You read the questions and you believe
that this is a good place for those answers.  Her teacher said to use
"(eg. class notes, texts, the primary literature, friends, colleagues,
professors, internet and company catalogues).   And since most of those
questions could be answered by primary literature why is she asking them
to a bunch of scientist that surely know the answers? The answer is that
she has not done the initial leg work (eg class notes, texts, the primary
literature, friends, colleagues, professors.  I appreciate your veiw that
this newsgroup is a good place for answers but just don't abuse it.  An
analogy that comes to mind from my past is the use of the calculator.  Is
it right for one to use a calculator and never learn how to solve the
problem on your own?  For example should one always need a calculator to
solve log functions or should they learn to solve log functions first by
hand then get to use the calculator?  I believe that one should begin to
learn with a Professor and a book then move to other books and freinds. 
The final stage of learning is doing the experiment.  It is quite obvious
that she has not finished with the books yet.


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