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diane s1081448 at
Mon Oct 6 13:56:02 EST 1997

I recently posted some questions on the methods and reagents site of
BioSci (Biotech student study group needing assistance). I believe that I
did not phrase my posting in the manner that my group and I intended. We
are not looking for an "easy ride". In fact, this is far from reality -
every week we get together and discuss a particular question- after
discussing the question, we each conduct research (eg.Medline searches,
textreadings etc.) to obtain information relevant to our group-assigned
part of the question, and then we meet the following Monday and finalize
our answers. For example, we have completed 3 questions and I am currently
researching the topic of protein secretion in prokaryotes using insulin
production as a model.

What my group and I were hopping for were suggestions. For example,
someone mentioned the term SIGNAL SEQUENCE to me in regards to question 2;
this directed me in the correct path in terms of answering the
question. In fact, I logged on to MedLine and was able to find 10 core
articles relating to this subject (which were of great use in answering
the question). Hence, we do not want people to do our work for us, but
instead, to provide us with key terms or techniques that may assist us in
answering the questions.

I have received some negative responses. I have emailed Dr. Fischer and he
now comprehends our situation and was very kind in his response to my
email. However, I have attempted to respond to Peter's posting in a number
of ways - each time I receive an error message indicating "host name not
recognized"; thus, I have no choise but to respond to his messages via the
BioSci site.



Firstly, I want to thank you for your suggestions, in terms of potential
textbooks. Secondly, in response to your question - I have taken a
Genetics and Molecular Biology course in 2nd and 3rd year, respectively.
Thus, I am familiar with mol. bio. techniques in a theoretical sense
-HOWEVER- I am now learning the practical aspects of these different
techniques. In fact, the main purpose of these assigned questions is just
that .. to make us (students) understand how to apply our theoretical
knowledge to novel and practical situations.

I take great offense to your comment that I have "not done any leg work" -
this could not be farther from the truth (see above). Secondly, it is not
your OBLIGATION or RIGHT to chastise either myself or students like
myself(who are working hard and simply need some help) or Mr./Dr.
Bright(THANK YOU) who showed some understanding and compassion.

You seem to enjoy giving out suggestions - allow me to give you one- use
your time wisely. If you do not agree with what my group and I are doing,
then move on to the countless other postings on the BioSci site, instead
of expressing your unnecessary and unwarranted opinions. 


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