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On 6 Oct 1997, Anita Malhotra wrote:

> Mario Chin <user at> wrote:
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> >If the -ve control also have smear like the other lanes, the template is
> >probably degraded.
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> >de mario
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> A negative control has no template in it, so this is the one thing it 
> can't be due to. I normally don't waste too much time trying to work out 
> exactly what's wrong, I just make up new reagents and start again. 
> Sometimes works (but I note that you have already tried this). Other times 
> is seems to be due to the phase of the moon or not praying to the right 
> gods (i.e. who knows). However, a change in the weather does seem to have 
> some correlation with things suddenly going wrong. Sorry, not a very 
> useful reply.
> Anita Malhotra
> School of Biologial Sciences
> Unviersity of Wales, Bangor


I've heard of the moon, gods, and weather thing and I'm starting to
believe it..............

University of Alberta

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