How to make a non-sticky glass plate

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Mon Oct 6 10:06:05 EST 1997

michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU (Michelle Gleeson) wrote:

>You can either try coating one plate with bind silane and leaving the
>other uncoated, or treat the other plate with a product such as Sigmacote
>or Coatasil (or even RainX)  I can't remember the exact name of the sticky
>silane, but we got it from Sigma.
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>On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, C.K. Chen wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Could someone tell me how to make a sequencing gel glass plate
>> non-sticky?  I use silver stain for sequencing gels and would like the gel
>> stick on one of the glass plates.  I have tried Silan treatment for one of
>> the plates.  However, the gel sticked on both plates.  I am confident that
>> the plates were clean.
>>    C.K Chen
We use spray PAM with great success. It's cheap and easy to find. Just
spray the plates and wipe down thouroughly.

V. Chiodo

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