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Mon Oct 6 20:02:14 EST 1997

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997 06:21:28, Juha Saarikettu 
<juha.saarikettu at panther.cmb.umu wrote:

> Does anybody have experience about Pierce Super Signal 
> labeling/detection for southerns. How does it compare in sensitivity to 
> DIG-system and radioactive labeling/detection. 

I'd like some first-hand information, too! Our lab has tried the 
SuerSignal kit but gotten terribly high background--virtually the 
entire film was black after a 30-sec exposure. I suspect that we 
used way too much antibody;  our postdoc probably used dilutions 
recommended for colorometric detection because the instructions with
the kit contradicted the instructions with the antibody itself... We
haven't gone back to try any variations, and were wondering whether 
to get a refund or try to optimize the signal. 

I should say that since the blocking reagent that Pierce supplies is
proprietary, we have no idea how to optiize blocking, yet Pierce 
says this is a ccritical step in getting good images! Does anyone 
have experience with Pierce's blocker, or with using a normal 
BSA-based blocker with the Super Signal kit?

Thanks, /PG

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