Non-isotopic Northerns

Bill McKendree mckendre at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Tue Oct 7 11:38:48 EST 1997


We use the biotin labeling system from NEB.  It gives sufficient 
sensitivity on Northerns and library screening, but probe labeling is 
inconsistent in my hands.  Also, the membrane of choice for this 
(Millipore's immobilon-S) is being discontinued and I'm in the process of 
checking out alternatives.  I've tried DIG too, but I prefer biotin.

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On 7 Oct 1997, David Bowen wrote:

> I am looking for a method to do Northerns without using 32-P.  Does
> anyone have expereince with this issue and if so, could you please let
> me know which method/kit you have found to give the best results. 
> Thanks in advance.
> David Bowen

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