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Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at
Tue Oct 7 01:46:09 EST 1997

diane wrote:
> I recently posted some questions on the methods and reagents site of
> BioSci (Biotech student study group needing assistance). I believe that I
> did not phrase my posting in the manner that my group and I intended. We
> are not looking for an "easy ride".

The misunderstanding we have encountered here is probably caused by the
fact that certain newgroups do contain many messages which can be seen
as an attempted "easy ride".  Consider this message from 'sci.chem': "I
am currently undertaking a computational research project at Queens
University Belfast, one of the questions posed to me is ...why do
catalysts lower the [activation] energy [of chemical reactions]?"  
Another day a high-school chemistry student wrote that he cannot find
"any information anywhere about gold"  for his homework assignment.

When Diane received some negative reaction to her group's posting, it
may have been more-or-less in response to the general phenomenon
occuring in 'sci.chem' and (probably) other groups: many students no
longer consider textbooks as their first source of information.  In that
connection, I think it is very interesting that more and more
professional educators  (according to articles published in NYT and also
my local paper) are less and less in favor of the World Wide Web as a
classroom tool for elementary/high school students.

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