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.> I recently posted some questions on the methods and reagents site of
.> BioSci (Biotech student study group needing assistance). I believe that I
.> did not phrase my posting in the manner that my group and I intended. We
.> are not looking for an "easy ride". In fact, this is far from reality -
.> every week we get together and discuss a particular question- after
.> discussing the question, we each conduct research (eg.Medline searches,
> textreadings etc.) to obtain information relevant to our group-assigned
> part of the question, and then we meet the following Monday and finalize
> our answers. For example, we have completed 3 questions and I am currently
> researching the topic of protein secretion in prokaryotes using insulin
> production as a model.

Diane you are being quite foolish with these post.  I do not think that
you realize that the scientific comuunity is not as large and isolated as
you think.
I am fairly convinced that you are looking for a free ride and a source
who I shall keep annonymous has stated that these are Exam questions and
you are cheating.

"the eleven questions are in fact a set of questions from which the
professor will take three for the final exam. So they are supposed to have
answers for all eleven questions, and three will be chosen at random for
the exam. So these are questions for a final exam, not for for a
"discussion group". The other deceitful thing, is that it was the student
herself who added the "professors" to that potential list of sources.
The class handout itself mentions (and I quote) "class notes, text books,
primary references, friends and colleagues and the WWW". It neither
mentions bionet, not does it mention professors..."

You should be ashamed of yourself.  I wonder if your Professor reads the
Bionet NG's.  Boy for your sake I hope not.  By the way I will querry the
mailserver for the address of the Biology dept at the university of Ottawa
and will foreward all your post as well as my posts.  If you want to reply
to me please remove the .delet form my email address.

Have a nice Day


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