Pub Quality Seq Comparison?

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Tue Oct 7 01:30:41 EST 1997

Or you could use Boxshade on the web.  You must supply the sequences already 

You should also put the following URL in your bookmarks.  Links to more 
analysis tools than one could ever hope to use!

In article <3438DAB9.5072 at>, Karen Peck-Miller 
<kpeck-miller at> wrote:
>I need to make a publication quality figure, showing an allignment 
>between my cDNA sequence and other related genes -- one that draws 
>boxes around the nucleotides that are different between the sequences, 
>etc.  I have a Mac, and have been using MacDNAsis for everyday 
>comparisons, but it doesn't seem to be able to do the publication 
>quality job that I need.
>Could anyone suggest DNA analysis software that could do this?  Thanks 
>in advance.
>Karen A. Peck-Miller, Ph.D.
>National Marine Fisheries Service
>Seattle, WA
>Karen.A.Peck-Miller at

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