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Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at
Tue Oct 7 16:20:41 EST 1997

Vladimir Svetlov wrote:

> Rick Bright <rbright at> wrote:
> > The process of obtaining information from the internet or newsgroup is
> > an educational experience in itself and should be encouraged.  
> Good sermon, Rick. The only problem with it is that internet-mediated
> education is a pink pankadoo. 

I believe that the Internet-mediated education (of which this discussion
group in some sense is a part) increases in quality if everyone's
messages strenuously avoid sarcasm.   My understanding is that the
previous correspondent was attempting to have a conversation about the
role of Inernet in learning, for which, I am convinced, there must be an
appropriate discussion group.  

This group is advertised under the heading "Requests for information and
laboratory reagents in molecular biology".  I think that exchanging
views here on completely unrelated topics is misplaced.  Nevertheless,
labeling anyone's message on any topic a "sermon" is highly
inappropriate, as it does not promote courtous and respectful exchange
of widely differing points of view, for which the Internet is so ideally

Best regards,

Petr Kuzmic

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