"Ultra" signal ECL reagents??

Robert W. St. G. Fisher, IV fisher at radonc.unc.edu
Wed Oct 8 19:03:33 EST 1997

Ok...first off, i have no affiliation to Pierce or Amersham.....

Has anyone tried the "mongo" sensitive ECL kits (SuperSignal Ultra or
ECL Plus)?  I'm considering trying one of these and wonder how much you
have to titer down the primary and secondary Ab's.

I don't need more sensitivity, what i need is a stronger signal with a
longer duration so that our BioRad molecular imager can capture the
signal.  Regular (Amersham's) ECL dies out too quick to get a good
exposure on the phosphoimager' chemiluminescence screen.

Any comments, etc. would be helpful...Pierce and Amersham people,
please, i already have your literature, etc. and am looking for comments
from users of your products.

Robert Fisher
fisher at radonc.unc.edu

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