Adi Santoso santoso at
Wed Oct 8 11:57:41 EST 1997

hi there..
i'm a beginner in plant molecular biology.  a couple days ago i read 
article about plant transformation using triparental mating as the following:

- recombinant vector in DH10B cells (CaMV 35S promoter was used)
- pRK2013 in mm294 cells 
- pAL 4404 in LBA4404 agrobacterium cells
my question is:

1. where the RNA polymerase gene located (where its product 
   going to bind CaMV 35S promoter).  

2. is the RNA polymerase gene product produced very specific for 
   CaMV 35S promoter.  

again, i'm still a fresh beginner in this field, so the questions sound 
too basic.


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