which PCR machine?

David J McGee dmcge001 at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Wed Oct 8 08:06:13 EST 1997

I've used Idaho Technologies' Rapid Cycler with enormous success.  I
learned PCR this way, and now I'm in a new lab that does it the
"old-fashioned" way.  It takes 3 plus hours this way compared to 30 min or
less with Rapid Cycler.  And you don't have to wait very long for someone
to get done using Rapid Cycler.  And you use 1/12 th of the enzyme.  And
you use 1/20 of the primer amount.  It's fabulous.  You just have to get
use to the capllary tubes, which sometimes break if you're not careful.
It's easier using the non-scored capillary tubes (and much cheaper).  

Of course, no affiliation with the company.  Just a happy customer!


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