High Speed Thermocyclers

Van R. Reese reese at tulip.med.utah.edu
Tue Oct 7 12:49:20 EST 1997

We have an Idaho Technologies Rapidcycler and love it. It is a bit
unconventional (uses capillary tubes), but you will get used to it and
the results are worth the small inconvenience. I do 35 cycles in under
twenty minutes with great results. I can set up my reactions, run them
in the Rapidcycler, run a gel and see the results in one day. You
should at least look into it.

Good luck,
Van R.
On 1 Oct 1997 15:28:17 -0700, ari at MPKA.COM (Ari Kahn) wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a decent high speed thermocycler for around $5000.

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