pipettor decontamination

cgriffin at wco.com cgriffin at wco.com
Thu Oct 9 18:26:24 EST 1997

Hello Bob,

This might be what you are thinking of:  DNAZap from Ambion. While I must
admit I've not used it, this company has a very good reputation in the RNA
research area. 

Lest you wonder, I've no association with the company . 

Hope it helps,

Chandi Griffin 
GCRC: Mol. Biol. Core

In article <343BF4A9.1A91 at etowah.ouhsc.edu>, rsteinbe at etowah.ouhsc.edu wrote:

> I believe that I have seen a flyer advertising a product less corrosive
> than bleach for decontaminating DNA from pipettors for use in PCR, but I
> cannot now find it. Does anyone know the source(s) of such a product and
> does anyone have experience with it (them)?
> Thanks for your help.
> Bob Steinberg

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