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Hi Ruth. 

I do mine as follows

1) Make each sheet that's gonna be pinned together in a separate file 
(I use Corel Draw). Text is easily imported in RTF format file

2) Mount the Poster from single files in a desktop publisher (I use 
Corel Ventura)

3) After you're sure everythings correct, print out the whole stuff! 
(For me, that's the most tricky part). If you don't have an 
appropriate A0-printer/plotter directly attached to your computer, 
you maybe need to transport a *large* file to a copyshop who is able 
to make the printout. Those file normally don't fit on normal 
diskettes, even when compressed. You might have to use 
internet/modem/optical storage devices or tape for that, if you 
don't have the printer in your network. Ask the owners of the desired 
printer for more details. They should know.

There's a small howto (in german language) in our local network. We 
here must generate encapsulated_postscript files, scale them and 
print them out on a remote postscript printer.). Maybe it helps a 
littlebit. You'll find it under

Good luck!


> I came across posters recently at a conference in which all the
> information was on a single sheet, and not a number of sheets pinned
> together. Does anyone know of a program which allows such posters to
> be created? Thanks,
> Ruth.
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