Anyone know anything about the BioNeb cell disruption system?

Trevor Peace trevor.peace at
Thu Oct 9 14:08:23 EST 1997

The Bioneb from Glas-Col works well for many applications , it is easier to
use than the French press.  It is basically a nebulizer and the degree of
disruption is to some extent controllable.  This is done by varying the
type of gas is used and flow rate to create the nebulizing effect and
thereby droplet size.  As with all disruption devices I strongly advise a
demo to be sure it works for your application. 

But it's definitely try it before buying anything else.

zinc <zinc at> wrote in article
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> hi,
> our lab is probably going to buy a french press for lysing both
>   zifi runs Linux 2.0.30     

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