Transient transfection of Jurkat cells

Kevin Mulcahy k.mulcahy at
Thu Oct 9 11:52:44 EST 1997


I would like to transiently co-transfect Jurkat cells with two plasmid 
constructs, harvest the cells after 2 - 3 days and then sort them into 
transfected/untransfected cells using a cell-sorting flow cytometer in 
order to analyse the transfected cells. Does anyone have any experience 
with transient transfection of Jurkat cells (i.e. DEAE-dextran, 
electroporation, etc)? If so what percentage of the total remaining live 
cell population could we expect to be transfected (we are hoping to 
achieve greater than 20-30%)?

Many thanks for your help,

Kevin Mulcahy.

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