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Thu Oct 9 12:45:21 EST 1997


> I came across posters recently at a conference in which all the
> information was on a single sheet, and not a number of sheets pinned
> together. Does anyone know of a program which allows such posters to
> be created?

Once before a meeting I bought a large sheet of paper, glued various
component pages to it, and went to a copy shop where they had a
blueprint copier (about 70 inches wide).  Those copiers have an
'infinite' roll of paper, on which you can reproduce very large
documents with reduction or magnification if necessary.  The company
here was KINKO's Copies, which has many European locations.  Maybe there
is one in Dublin.  The cost was about ten US dollars per poster.  

[Our poster got the largest number of bussiness cards pineed to it, but
that probably had something to do with the fact that next to us was the
one "funny poster" presented by the conference organizers, which was
indeed hillarious so there were large crowds of people hanging around
all the time.]


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