Biotech student study group needs assistance

Rick Bright rbright at
Thu Oct 9 23:49:23 EST 1997

Well, I have been watching the responses with interest and must
partially apologize, but still stand by my statement.  I apologize for
not going back to the original posting of the questions.... which were
excessive and as it has been stated, "inappropriate."  I responded to a
4th or 5th (maybe later) generation posting and missed the original
point.  For that I apologize.

However, I am still very disturbed my several postings implying, as
Hiranya Roychowdhury is quoted, "When each and every student has access
to the internet, this will surely be 'regressive.'"  Aren't we all
students of some sort, Hiranya?  Don't we all learn from this resource
and this newsgroup in particular?  The free exchange of ideas on this
group is one of the better educational resources I can think of for any
student.  Surely, you would agree to that much.

Rick Bright

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