Growth media : & agarose

Paul R. Rohde P.Rohde at
Thu Oct 9 21:48:22 EST 1997

Yeah, isn't molecular biology fun!

Recently, I had to do a procedure without ethidium in agarose gels.
For some reason, without ethidium the resultion was much worse.
After a week & weekend (and sunburnt hands & forehead from the 
transilluminator) of trying to find out what was bloody well going on,
it turned out to be my agarose!  Changed brand it was then Ok.

BARRETT at RASCAL.MED.HARVARD.EDU (Peter Barrett) writes: > To all methods-reagents bionetters,
> Just a word of warning.  I recently had the experience that a particular
> plasmid of mine, which had worked perfectly fine 6-12 months ago, suddenly
> seemed to go kaput on me.  
> After quite a bit of troubleshooting, including changing antibiotics,
> growth conditions, method of preparation, etc., I discovered that the
> problem was, voil=E0, the media.  ...

> (but note that we have
> other plasmids that seem to grow fine in this commercial superbroth).  I
> also know that this plasmid/bugs grow fine in homemade superbroth because
> that is what I had been using before when I had grown it originally.  All
> I can think is that somehow the difference in broth put some sort of
> negative selective pressure on the bugs/plasmid???=20

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